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A historic wharf in Monterey, CA, Fisherman's Wharf Monterey was a fish market up until it started becoming a tourist attraction in the 60s. Enjoy fresh seafood restaurants with creamy clam chowder, quaint seaside boutiques and fun activities like whale watching.


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1 Old Fishermans Wharf,
Monterey, California, 93940

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Distance from Hotel: 1.5 miles
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  • Big Fish Grill
    • Steaks, Italian, Seafood
    • 831-372-7562
  • Abalonetti Bar & Grill
    • Steaks, Seafood, Sandwiches, Pasta
    • 831-373-1851
  • Crabby Jim's
    • Steaks, Italian, Seafood, Mexican
    • 831-372-2064
  • Domenico's on the Wharf
    • Steaks, Seafood, Italian, Pasta
    • 831-372-3655
  • Old Fisherman's Grotto
    • Seafood, Italian, Fish Market, Classic Wharf Fare
    • 831-372-3769


Old Fisherman's Wharf has convenient, affordable parking nearby. If you are a local, parking will be free for 2 hours on Monday through Thursday with your Monterey County ID. If you are travelling from out of town, the rates will vary by lot but are quite affordable.
  • Waterfront Attendant Lot #1
  • Marina Lot
  • Municipal Wharf II
  • Depot Lot
  • SP Lot
  • East Depot Lot
  • Monterey Bay Park
  • Downtown West Garage
  • Downtown East Garage


Old Fisherman's Wharf is a charming spot, and thankfully, getting there from the Blu Pacific Hotel is a breeze! The Wharf is just 1.2 miles from the hotel. You can enjoy a pleasant walk or bike ride along the scenic coast, or opt for a short taxi/rideshare trip. This convenient location allows you to easily experience the Wharf's vibrant atmosphere and attractions without a long journey.
  • Embark on a whale-watching adventure: Cruise the Monterey Bay and witness majestic humpback whales, playful dolphins, and other marine life in their natural habitat. Many whale-watching tours depart from Old Fisherman's Wharf, and the Blu Pacific Hotel staff can help you book the perfect excursion.
  • Indulge in fresh seafood: Savor delicious seafood dishes at one of the many wharf restaurants, offering breathtaking views and the freshest catches of the day. After a day exploring, unwind with a glass of local wine and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.
  • Shop for souvenirs: Find unique treasures, handcrafted souvenirs, and local art at the charming shops lining the Wharf. Take home a piece of Monterey Bay to remember your trip.
  • Explore Cannery Row: Just steps from the Wharf, Cannery Row offers a vibrant mix of shops, restaurants, and historical landmarks. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, browse art galleries, or grab a coffee and enjoy the street performers.