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Know Before You Arrive

Place your queries directly with our front desk and make the most of your stay at BLu Pacific Hotel, Monterey, CA. Meanwhile, browse through our FAQs to know more.

What kind of horseback riding experiences are available in Monterey County near Blu Pacific Hotel?

Guests at Blu Pacific Hotel can look forward to a variety of horseback riding experiences in Monterey County. The region offers several equestrian trails that range from scenic mountain terrains to serene beachside paths. Whether you're seeking a peaceful ride along the beach or an adventurous trek through the hills, Monterey's diverse landscapes cater to all preferences. The Monterey Bay Equestrian Center, located at 9004 Monterey Dunes Way, Castroville, California, provides guided horseback riding tours, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for both novice and experienced riders.